candace pearson
Walker Zanger
This leading supplier of fine tiles introduces its handcrafted creations with style.


LOS ANGELES, CA - In Renaissance Italy, one aristocratic family reigned supreme in its passionate patronage of the arts, not to mention its lust for luxury and influence: the Borgias.

The Borgia Family held sway from 1435 to 1520, during one of Europe’s most important periods: the Age of the Renaissance and the beginning of the Age of Exploration. Their palaces were renowned for their elegant interiors, including lavish brocades, frescoes and carvings.

Today, this appreciation for craftsmanship finds a modern interpretation in Borgia, a new collection of handcrafted travertine tiles only from Walker Zanger.

Borgia’s subtle wash of olive, sepia, sienna and walnut tones evoke an Old World legacy, making it a complement for a classic interior or an eclectic setting that spans several ages.