candace pearson

I’ve tried to anticipate what you’d like to know about my services. If you have questions not addressed here, please contact me.


What writing services do you provide?
You name it. I work on paper and online. That includes editorial for magazines or newsletters, capabilities brochures, annuals, naming, ads, websites, email blasts, social media campaigns, press releases, book editing — even a dazzling letter or greeting card.

My goal: to assist you in connecting with and persuading the audiences who need to hear what you have to say. Sometimes that involves multiple platforms. It always involves carefully thought-out strategy to define just what your message is and how to distinguish it.

Tell me about your process. How do you work with a client?

I begin by talking to you and listening. I want to know your objectives and how this project fits into your overall communication goals. Also your audience – current or desired. I’ll study your style and your competition.

Depending on your needs, I can serve as your sole writer/editor or participate on your creative team. I can start from scratch to develop the text required. Or work with you in strengthening something you’ve written.

I’m a graphic designer. How will you work with me and my client?

First, I talk to you about your client and the project objectives. We can even brainstorm about themes. Then I typically interview the client and his/her experts, as needed. I also can work with client-provided copy and/or other background to craft a piece if interviews aren’t possible.

I can create the copy to fit an evolved design idea or provide the content and structure prior to design development. Each job is different.

I’ve been given some copy (or written it).
Can you make it more interesting?

Yes. You or your client is the expert in your business.
My job is communicating that. Many times, it can be useful for the client to draft preliminary text, even it’s going to change. Or the copy may just need polishing. I can give it more punch and focus.


I have no copy, nothing to work from and no time to do it.
Is that a problem?

No problem. Once I know the goals and desired message, I’ll develop the copy. I’ll do all the footwork and check in with you only as necessary. You’re involved as little or as much as you want to be.


My product/organization needs a name and a tagline.
Can you work with us?

Yes. I’ve helped to name buildings, programs and products, as well as to provide a tagline or slogan for a variety of businesses. Creative exploration is part of the job.


I have a huge, rush job. It may need multiple writers. Can you help?

Definitely. I can call in a single writer to assist me or a team of experienced, professional writers who work under my supervision. Even if multiple writers are necessary, I can serve as your single point of contact.


How do you charge for your services?

I typically charge on a project basis. I’ll give you an estimate ahead of time, as appropriate. Or you can tell me your budget, and we can talk about how to meet your needs within that.


How do we get started?

Give me a call at 626-529-3332 or email