candace pearson

Here’s where I let others speak for me. Thanks to one and all.

“Candace knows how to tackle each project and give it her own twist. I’m amazed how fast she can understand new brands and write great copy. Clients come back to me commenting how they never thought of saying something that way. Many clients concentrate so much on the visuals they forget the copy is the most important thing. When you have good copy, you can create great visuals. That’s what Candace
does best.”
Geoffrey McDonald
UX Designer, Microsoft
“Working with Candace has been fantastic. She conveyed my message on my website so well clients compliment me every day. Since I am in the alternative medicine field, colleagues and potential patients need to understand what I do. Candace researched and understood my field and wrote the copy in a personal, yet detailed and thorough, manner. This website has helped me reach my goals of increasing my clientele."
Deborah Vidal
Founder, LA Homeopathy
"Candace's ability to team with you to achieve the maximum effect, to understand your mission and unique style, is invaluable. I wouldn't dream of tackling a complex marketing project without Candace's writing, editing and organizational skills in my corner."
Robin Moore-DeCapua
Madison Modern Home
“I have worked with Candace for over 15 years now, and I have come to rely on her ability to handle everything from detailed projects like annual reports, magazines, and web content to one-time brochures. I know Candace will give appropriate attention to audience, voice, style, and tone. She excels at project management. and is at home interpreting corporate positioning and brand identity. From naming and word choice to detailed multi-year publishing calendars, Candace's writing and editing skills
are excellent.”
Henry Tuttle
Henry Tuttle, CEO, Council of Community Clinics
"With the help of WarrenGroup | StudioDeluxe and Candace, we created a brand for me through signage, ads and a web site. My new image conveys success, intrigue and professionalism. Referrals have doubled along with my project load. Candace's command of words and their rhythm never ceases to amaze me. She will write exactly the right thing in the first round of copy."
Nanci Warren ASID
Warren and Company Interior Design, Seattle, WA