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USC Marshall School of Business
A modular marketing system captures the diversity of the Executive MBA Program at USC, which offers life-changing degree options. Designed by Warren Group | Studio Deluxe.

The Key to Your Future
Earning a Masters in Busines s Administration (MBA) from the Marshall School of Business is like owning a key that unlocks many doors you haven't even come to yet. The world expands — often in unexpected ways. Suddenly, you have more choices about what you'll do nex t to realize your personal and profes sional aspirations.

In the setting of the University of Southern California (USC), one of the world's premier independent teaching and research universities, you will encounter endless opportunities to learn, to lead, to define and achieve your goals.

We have an MBA program that meets your needs, whether you are beginning to build your career, a mid-level professional advancing your skills, or a senior executive looking for a multinational edge. Our graduate-level agenda:

› The Marshall School MBA, full-time, two-year program
› MBA.PM: part-time, 33-month program for mid-career professionals
› Executive MBA, a 21-month program for senior managers and executives
› Global EMBA in Shanghai, a 20-month program for managers from throughout Asia
› International Business Education and Research MBA – an accelerated, 12-month program with a global focus

The Marshall curriculum is interactive and relevant, designed to prepare you for the realities of a global economy. Marshall was the first business school to require international travel and study projects as part of every MBA degree. In addition, USC pioneered the nation's first entrepreneurship program decades ago.